Why Go Solar?

Short-term savings with long-term payoff

Take another look at your utility bill. How much are you paying for electricity each month? What if you could be paying less than you are now for electricity and use just as much or even more electricity each day by switching to solar energy? Would you do it? What if, in a few years, instead of paying your utility company for electricity, you were able to get your electricity for free by switching to solar? Would you make the switch?  Of course you would. And this is exactly why millions of homeowners and business owners have already made the switch to solar. What are you waiting for? 

Return on Investment (ROI)

A solar energy system is an asset, which will pay you back over time, and even generate profit for you once your system is paid off. The return on investment (ROI) can be significant. For example, a typical homeowner could put as much as $25,000 in their pocket by offsetting as little as $100/mo. in electricity costs. For commercial businesses, this amount can be more than $250,000 over the life of the solar energy system! 

There are different returns on investment associated with different equipment and system sizes. The main reason is that the cost per panel or commonly referred to as dollar per watt ($/watt), goes down as the system size gets larger. The other trend, is the fact that most residential rate schedules are tiered so that the first amount of energy you buy at baseline is less expensive when compared to the upper tiers, so energy costs go up the more electricity you use. In general, smaller systems only replace your most expensive energy in the upper tiers and will have the best Internal Rate of Return (IRR), but larger systems that would replace all of your energy, will have a greater return over time. Residential systems typically have a 30% IRR, because of the current tax credits.

Environmental Impact

Even though you can see the many economic benefits of owning a grid-tied solar system, there are also many positive environmental benefits that your system will have on your local community and the world at large. Locally you will be supporting and creating jobs with your purchasing dollars that would have otherwise been given to the utility company and more often than not, go out of State. The value of your solar system will stay in your community for decades to come and will be and supplementing the local utility grid by producing energy right where it is needed and therefore reducing the amount of energy that inefficiently travels from the power plant to your neighborhood.

Solar photovoltaic panels transform the pure energy of the sun into electricity. Installing solar panels on your home or business helps reduce greenhouse gases and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which we already have a limited supply of. Most of our electricity is generated by burning natural gas or coal to heat water into steam. This process gives off toxic fumes and gases which does not benefit most life on earth. Using solar, on the other hand, does not generate any toxic fumes and most of our systems off‐set about 200 tons of carbon dioxide over the life span of the system. This could be comparable to planting 10 soccer fields of trees, or driving around the world 16 times (33 years of driving for average size car and driver in U.S.), or not burning 175,000 pounds of coal.  
We look forward to helping you apply the sun's energy to achieve sustainability, protect the environment, and create wealth. Our Mission is to Bring a Brighter Future to Our Central Coast Through Innovative Energy Production Designs & Solutions.  Please contact us with any questions or to start the next phase of your solar project today! 

Rebates & Incentives

The Residential Renewable Energy Tax credit is currently 30% of the total system cost and in addition, for any home-based businesses, the system can be depreciated even more.